Study Guide: Stargate

Important names, terms, and concepts

ancient Egypt and popular culture

religion and science

war and colonialism

Egyptology as a field of academic study


Discussion Questions

When we watched The Mummy, we discussed the relationship between science and religion/magic/superstition as it was presented in the movie. How are science/technology and religion/magic/superstition depicted in Stargate? What are their roles in the film's story?



What do you think Edward Said would say about this movie?



The "theory" that aliens built the pyramids is widespread in popular culture, even though it has been debunked time and again by historians and Egyptologists? Do you think this film fuels this "theory"? Why or why not?



This film came out in 1994, not long after the Persian Gulf War. What kind of commentary does this film make about war and the military? The reasons for military intervention?



Check out what *real* Egyptologists do: