Religion of the Pharaohs, Spring 2016 Study Guide

Day 4: Religion

Updated 1/26 3:45 pm

Note: the "Memphite theology" readings are canceled.

Study Tips:

1)  Start with the readings in Teeter.  Then the handout. Then Simpson. For Teeter, do not try to memorize everything: think big picture about how Egyptians relate to their gods/goddesses.


2)  Don’t try to memorize all the gods and goddesses mentioned in the readings.  Instead, note the aspects of the following major gods and goddesses.  You can go to the Met Museum website to see some of their depictions in art so that you can recognize their features. Also check out another picture list of major deities.























3)  In Simpson and on the handout, you will read about most of the common myths and beliefs Egyptians had about their gods and goddesses.  The major ones we will cover in class are:

1) the role of the gods in burial preparations and the tribunal of the soul before Osiris

2) the Heliopolitan cosmology (or theology) of creation

3) the rivalry of Isis, Osiris, & Horus vs. Seth

4) the creation of humanity story that involves the eye of Re/Ra

5) the story of Hathor and the rebellion of humanity

We will act out some of these narratives/myths in class.




After we act out the myths, we will talk about daily communication with the gods from the Teeter readings.


You are welcome to bring any other questions/discussion topics to class as well.