Religion of the Pharaohs, Spring 2016 Study Guide

Day 5: OK History and religion

Changes to the Reading Assignment

Study Tips


Important names and terms (may be on this quiz and subsequent quizzes)

You only need to know the "Egyptian" version of the name as Mieroop uses it. I list alternatives just for your reference




Djoser (sometimes Zoser)


Khufu (in Greek: Cheops)

Red Crown (recognize image)

White Crown (recognize image)

Double crown (recognize image)

benben stone


Memphis (be able to place it on a map!)

These names will come back over the next couple of days in the readings; will not be on today's quiz but may be on the next one:

Khafra (in Greek: Chephren)

Menkaura (in Greek Mycerinus)

Dates: Unification~3000 BCE (Dynasty 1 begins 3000, unification possibly earlier); Old Kingdom begins 2600s


Discussion & Study Questions

How & why did North and South finally unify? Who were the major players? Were there other economic or political factors?






What is the significance of the Memphite theology? How is it similar to or different from the other myths we studied?








What are the values and ethics promoted in the Maxims of Ptahhotep?







You are welcome to bring any other questions/discussion topics to class as well.