Religion of the Pharaohs, Spring 2016 Study Guide

Day 2: Egyptian Society

Important names, terms, and concepts (terms are from readings or class last time)



false door


ka statue


mastaba tomb

views of the afterlife

funerary rituals

some questions on the quizzes from the days on "Religion" and "Old Kingdom History" may repeat today

Discussion Questions

Study Tip: Try to connect what you're reading Teeter to what you're reading in Simpson and online.


What are the essential elements of Old Kingdom beliefs about the afterlife, and how do funerary practices connect to those beliefs?







What do the readings from the OK tombs in Simpson and online/in the handout tell you about the lives of the people in whose tombs they were found? Note anything that strikes you as remarkable or interesting. I will call upon you in class to mention it.






What do the readings in in Simpson and online/in the handout tell you about the religious beliefs, views of the afterlife, and religious practices of these people?





You are welcome to bring any other questions/discussion topics to class as well.