Religion of the Pharaohs, Study Guide



Study tips


Try to connect what you're reading in Mieroop and Simpson with each other and with what you see on the websites

Important names, terms, and concepts

The readings and websites provide details on lots of pyramids. By the end of our class session, you should be familiar with the following major sites (their pharaohs, significance, basic structure, etc.):

Also know the basic elements of the OK royal funerary complexes including:

There may be a diagram on the quiz next time or the time after (depending on how far we get each day), where you have to identify different parts of the complex or different purposes.

Be able to put on a map:

Over the next few days, there may be repeat questions from previous quizzes on OK funerary practices, tombs, pyramids.

Discussion Questions

How do the structures of the pyramids and the layout of the pyramid complexes reflect ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife? In other words, what was the point of building a pyramid and its ancillary buildings?





Based on your reading of the pyramid texts, what kind of afterlife did the pharaoh hope to have? Consider how specific passages from the text can help you get details.





What did you think of the general tone of the pyramid texts? How are they different from the other funerary inscriptions you have read so far?



You are welcome to bring any other questions/discussion topics to class as well.