Religion of the Pharaohs, Study Guide

Sphinx and the End of the Old Kingdom


Quiz: expect questions from lecture and discussion about the Pyramids, Pyramid Texts, and OK on your quiz also.


Important names, terms, and concepts (terms are from readings or class last time)

Important names, terms, and concepts


nomes and nomarchs

great Sphinx of Giza (who built it, why it is significant)

solar religion

Know these dates:

Review terms/concepts from the Old Kingdom funerary practices days. Some of these items may appear over the next few days, as well. Add to them:

canopic jars

opening of the mouth ceremony (will appear on quiz only after lecture about it)

sed festival

Discussion Questions

What was the function of the great Sphinx of Giza?





What is the role of the sun in Old Kingdom religion? Give examples from the readings for today and the past week to map out ways the sun was a hallmark of Old Kingdom religion.






The Three Tales of Wonder are Middle Kingdom tales about the Old Kingdom. For this one, just come to class prepared to talk about an interesting passage. What was interesting, how do you interpret it, what does it say about Egyptian religion and society?




What are factors that lead to the dissolution of the Old Kingdom?




You are welcome to bring any other questions/discussion topics to class as well.