Religion of the Pharaohs, Study Guide

Middle Kingdom History and Religion

Important names, terms, and concepts (terms are from readings or class last time)



Mentuhotep II

Amenemhet I

Sesostris III


Know these dates:

Discussion Questions

The Instruction of Merikare was probably written during the Middle Kingdom but purports to be the instructions of a king to his son on how to be a king during the 1st IP. What does this text portray about the proper morals, values, and role of the monarch? What is the relationship of the monarch to the gods?





Reconstruct the assassination attempt described inĀ The Instruction of Amenemhet. What happened? What is the role of religion and prophecy iin this text?





How is Sesostris/Senwosret III depicted in the stela in Simpson? Can you recognize the formula at the beginning? How is he depicted in the rest of the stela?





What is the stela of Mentuhotep IV commemorating in the reading on Canvas? Why would Min be important?








What is happening in the building inscription of Sesostris I on p. 115 in the text on Canvas? See if you can reconstruct what is going on.





You are welcome to bring any other questions/discussion topics to class as well.