Religion of the Pharaohs, Study Guide

The NK & Hatshepsut part 3


Important names, terms, and concepts (terms are from readings or class last time)

Important names, terms, and concepts


temples (especially Karnak, Deir el-Bahri)

Amun (Amen in Cooney)

Hatshepsut and gender

Hatshepsut and religion

religion and power

Thutmosis IIIĀ 


Know these dates:

Discussion Questions

What is the connection between religion and power in this section? How does Hatshepsut use religious ideology and religious institutions to consolidate her power (especially the Temple of Karnak and Deir el Bahri, but other ways too)?













Chapter 10 is about Hatshepsut's legacy. According to Cooney, why did Thutmose III remove her from some monuments? What does he destroy, what doesn't he, and why?








Bring to class questions you are interested in discussion.