Study Guide: End of the Pharaohs

Important names, terms, and concepts

New Kingdom begins 1500s BCE

New Kingdom ends 1000s BCE

Alexander the Great's Conquest of Egypt: 332 BCE

Cleopatra's defeat by the Romans & death 30 BCE


Apis Bulls

Alexander the Great



Isis in the Greco-Roman period

Temple of Isis at Philae

Greco-Roman mummies

Study Questions

How does Piye represent himself in the inscription in Simpson? Does he represent himself as Egyptian? How/how not? Why is this important?

Is Cleopatra Greek, Egyptian, or both? Why do you answer this question in the way you do?

Religious or cultural syncretism is the combination, mixture, or fusion of different religious or cultural systems (with different origins) together: What are some examples of syncretism in the assignments for today? How do they express a mixture of two or more traditions?