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Stop Walking Like an Egyptian

An exploration of Egyptomania in America, and the different manifestations of the phenomenon in different media. Throughout American society is this everlasting stain. Yes, a stain. It is the stain of many, […]

Making Questions About Asking Questions

Is there significance in asking questions about race in ancient Egypt? And what are the implications of the answer to that? In a recent course lecture, the professor wrote the following […]

Princes of Egypt (and NOT Europe)

Breaking down the depictions of race—specifically, skin tones—in the 1998 animated film, The Prince of Egypt.     So says the character of Miriam in the 1998 animated film The Prince of Egypt, a […]

When Do You Cross the Line?

An exploration of the blurred lines among magical rituals and religious practices, and the question of whether there is actually something to distinguish between the two. Photo Credit: “Magic Circle,” […]

Seeing Through Their Souls

Discussing the perspectives of ancient Egyptian religious tradition in the Old and Middle Kingdoms. Photo Credit: “The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat,” John Reinhard Weguelin Today in America, there are debates that […]