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Darkening the Light of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt resonates in popular culture within movies, like “The Mummy”; books, like “Crocodile on the Sandbank”; and even music, as an artistic form, like Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video. Many people have come to be fascinated by Ancient Egyptian culture because it was so unique in their belief and worship of the gods,… Continue reading Darkening the Light of Ancient Egypt

A Glimpse of the Architecture of the New Kingdom

Filled with great excitement and anticipation, my classmates and I hopped on the bus and drove to San Jose to visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. We drove for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, only to have been met with disappointment. The museum was closed due to PG&E issues… So, we decided to just look … Continue reading “A Glimpse of the Architecture of the New Kingdom”

Magic: A Tangible Power of God

  In her book Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt, Emily Teeter recognizes magic as a part of Ancient Egyptian religious belief. She explains that magic was not a separate theology, but was something that was practiced within the walls of religious practice. But as much as there are similarities of magic and religion, there still … Continue reading “Magic: A Tangible Power of God”

The Key to the Afterlife

Ancient Egyptians held worldviews, of which were justified through what they deemed were “logical and rational”: the principles they observed in reality applied universally. For example, Emily Teeter describes this concept in her book Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt, explaining that the Ancient Egyptians believed that the sun crossed the sky (set/rose) by a boat, … Continue reading “The Key to the Afterlife”

The Death of Judaism and the Birth of Christianity

HOW WAS CHRISTIANITY SUPERIOR TO JUDAISM? Jesus and his earliest followers were Jews; however, after Jesus’s addition to this society, Judaism ultimately branched out to a new religion called Christianity. This new religion obviously brought conflict to Jews. Jews were known as God’s chosen people, but with the arrival of Jesus, He and his followers … Continue reading “The Death of Judaism and the Birth of Christianity”