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Popular Culture: Prince of Egypt

How Prince of Egypt is historically and religiously portrayed through today’s entertainment? The story of Moses is a fable that has been told for thousands of years now. The movie Prince of Egypt is one of the most well-known movies … Continue reading

Weighing of the Heart (Field Trip Post)

I just want to start off by saying I had a very nice time visiting the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. However, I was only able to view the garden and outside areas of the museum due to the power outage. Even … Continue reading

Akh and Communicating with The Dead

Akh is one of the three spirits in ancient Egypt. The two others are Ka and Ba. Ka is the first spirit that most people would associate with. The Ka was an important part of the ancient Egypt world after … Continue reading

Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

There were many goddesses that were worshiped within the ancient Egypt world. Temples and statues were built to represent their status and what type of deity they represented. Many carved Gods or Goddesses within the tombs and stones of the … Continue reading